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Snowflakes and Stockings Christmas Party

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Whether you are looking for decorating ideas for a Christmas season birthday boy or thinking of holiday party themes, we’ve got some goods for you! Today Keisha, of Cupcake Wishes and Birthday Dreams, is offering inspiration, ideas, and freebies. That should add a little merry to your day! A Christmas collection of free printables includes snowflakes and stockings in stripes and polka dots, all done up in holiday reds and bright greens. From invitations through take-home favors, this dessert buffet concept offers party supplies to delight any sweet tooth with a kid attached.

Christmas Candy Buffet Table

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Keisha used lots of red to ramp up the energy, including on the backdrop. She hung just two jumbo-sized white snowflakes, and with all the color on the table, that’s all it took. A colorful table runner pulls everything together.

Elevating the large apothecary jar makes it more prominent. Keisha suggests using jars, bowls and even vases to display a variety of candies, gumballs, and ornaments. Use her free printables as collars and wraps to make the pieces look like a party set. Although both sides of the table are not identical, because of Keisha’s careful arrangement, everything has a pleasing symmetry. You can do the same thing for your party table.

Dessert Table for Christmas Party

On either side of the centerpiece apothecary jar are clear glass containers holding colorful Christmas ornaments. Their neighbors are both tall and slender: peppermint sticks and chocolate covered pretzels. On the left of that is the tiered stand with cupcakes and cookies.

White Chocolate Candy Apples

The right side has an elevated platter offering chocolate covered apples whose sticks have been embellished with party circles. In this configuration, a narrow tray holds (no-bake) chocolate peppermint mousse. See how Keisha put a piece of paper in a coordinating color under the mousse? Little touches like that say “”party””.

Gift Style Favor Boxes Perfect for a Christmas Party

Having lots of colorful candy is a terrific mood setter. Especially for kids, what says “Happy Birthday” or “Happy Holidays” like an abundant treat table? It’s not likely all that candy could (or should!) be eaten at the party, but favor boxes are at the ready to be filled with over-flow for take-home pleasure. Super-sized lollipops say a sweet “Thank You”, too, while adding another layer of party color. Additional ornaments arranged around the serving pieces bring in more holiday sparkle. An oversized Christmas stocking hangs on the front of the table for more fun.

See how easily Keisha has put this celebration together? In addition to sharing her ideas, she is offering the free printables which include a banner, gift tags, circle tags, napkin rings, buffet cards and more. That should make your birthday or holiday planning just a little bit easier!

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