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Snack Themed Dessert Table

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Bring Out Your Inner Kid with a Snack Themed Birthday Bash!

Izabela from Sweet Table shared this fun party that she recently did. This party theme will truly bring out the kid in anyone since it’s all about snack foods! Izabela and her baker partner, Stephanie, designed a table around lots of yummy and classic kids’ snacks to make on truly unforgettable party.

Treats Served at the Snack Themed Birthday Bash Included…

Stephanie created a delicious snack cake which was made from Twinkies, Joe Louis, cup cakes, and Ho-Hos, all topped with whipped creams which she created on site. Wow. I think every indulgence I ever had in university is on that list. Love it.

Other classic snacks included rainbow gumballs, homemade chocolate dipped ruffle chips topped with sprinkles, “cupcake” burgers with a chocolate brownie patty with shortbread “French fries”, rock candy, homemade rainbow Jell-O floats, homemade iced tea, candy fruit kabobs, and homemade Twix cereal lollipops.

chocolate dipped chips

hamburger cupcakes


raindbow jello dessert table

I think all the attention to detail is great and I love that all of these treats are such classic goodies for adults and kids alike to enjoy!

Here are some items that will help you throw your own version of this snack party!

What treats would you choose for your own snack themed party?

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