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Sam’s Disney Planes Themed 5th Birthday Party

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Like half of the male, small-fry population, my boy Sam had his heart set on a Disney Planes themed celebration for his recent birthday party. We had a super cake as well as awesome cake pops and cupcakes. I decided on decorations with some of the Disney licensed items from Birthday Express because of their great selection, in tandem with pieces of the Spaceships and Laser Beams vintage plane collection. I wish you could see what I did.

Planes Birthday Party Ideas for Boys

Have you ever had one of those times that you daydreamed and planned for ages…and then it didn’t turn out like the picture in your head? That’s what happened to me with Sam’s recent outdoor birthday party and BBQ. Oh, I had fun decorations, great food, a good group of kids…but I also had rain…torrential rain! We had to move the party indoors at the last minute. We were able to quickly pull the party inside but it sure wasn’t what I started with, and in the midst of the party hubbub, we just didn’t get many pictures. Real life in the party world!

Disney Planes Party Supplies

Dusty Crophopper Party Decorations

Planes Party Room Kit

The scene of suspended clouds and airplanes outside on our deck morphed into airplanes hanging from the ceiling inside. I used our ceiling fan to “fly” some of the planes from the Birthday Express party room kit and that was a big hit.

Planes Birthday Party Supplies

Disney Planes Party Decorations

Planes Party Decorations

Large Planes character posters from Birthday Express added great jolts of color inside.

Planes Party Paper Plates
Planes Party Napkins

Planes Birthday Party Paper Cups

Planes Birthday Party Ideas

Sam really liked having the Planes plates, napkins and cups!

Cute Planes Party Ideas

Kid's Party Drink Ideas

Our First Class Lounge beverage station was set up on an antique, wood ironing board. My husband, Mike, thought I was nuts…I loved the way it ended up looking! I used an enlargement of the Spaceships and Laser Beams vintage plane invitation as a prop next to strawberry/mint and lemon infused waters.

Kid's Party Food Table

Mexican Kid's Party Food Ideas

Disney Planes Kid's Party Food Ideas

Bulldog Planes Party Food Ideas

The food table was not as bereft as it appears here! The movie’s international plane race was the impetus for our international flavors party menu. Each main menu item on the buffet was marked by models of the Plane characters, perched on clear boxes that displayed their country’s flag:

Bulldog, Great Britain: Yorkshire Puddings
Rips linger, Ned and Zed, USA: Hot Dogs
Ishaan, India: Butter Chicken, Tandoori Chicken and Rice
El Chupacabra, Mexico: Taco Dip and Nachos
Rochelle, Canada: Canadian Bacon Salad and Fresh, Local Veggies
Gunnar Viking, Sweden: Swedish Meatballs

Planes Movie Party Banner

Planes Party Supplies

Planes Birthday Party Banner

Planes Party Table Centerpiece

The banner over the food buffet was representative of the Planes characters, too. I liked the bright colored graphics. The globe and maps were race references and I used map-covered boxes for pedestals. The party table centerpiece was from Birthday Express.

Cake Stand Kid's Party

Planes Cake Topper

Planes Party Cake

Planes Birthday Party Cake Ideas

Luggage Cake Pops for a Planes Birthday Party

Vintage Planes Cake Pops

The dessert table showcased some of my favorite elements. You can read more about the cake stand I created and the awesome cake from Samantha at Evie and Mallow here.  Samantha also made adorable cake pops in three shapes: luggage, bi-planes and clouds. They were as delicious as they were cute.

Planes Cupcakes

There were also sky-high mounds of frosting-covered cupcakes in our collection’s air plane wraps. I love the propeller and wings—so did the kids!

Plane Party Food Popcorn Cups

Cheddar popcorn “clouds” were identified with our vintage plane food labels.

Dusty Crophopper Disney Planes Pinata

Disney Planes Birthday Party Pinata

Piñatas are always popular with kids and this version of Dusty had everybody swinging. There were supposed to be glider plane races outside, but the rain put the kibosh on that idea. I sent the gliders home with their favors instead.

Planes Movie Party Ideas

For favors, white cloud wands with rainbow colored ribbons were a hit with the girls. The boys liked their faux luggage. I used our vintage plane collection favor tags to personalize the gifts.

Planes Party Ideas for Boys

So—Sam’s 5th celebration didn’t go like I had planned, but the rain and storm clouds couldn’t wash out the birthday fun inside. Sam was excited about all the Plane decorations and special treats. I decided if he was happy, I was happy!

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