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Robot Themed Fifth Birthday Party

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How much do I love this robot birthday party?

Carol at Partylicious Events is known for her amazing children’s parties. So when it came to planning her own son’s birthday, I wouldn’t expect it to be any different. She threw this robot birthday party for her son’s fifth birthday. And I think it is terrific. Carol says she had been looking forward to throwing this event for quite some time, and the result is just about perfect!

Carol created robot figurines to stand watch over the table by using boxes and duct tape! They turned out great and anyone crafty could make them. Although, if we’re being honest, in our house, this is a project I would assign to Mike. 🙂

The gears holding up the happy birthday banner are a great touch! And they’re used as a design element throughout the party, even on the cupcakes. The table decorations look great and I love all the bright colors and patterns. One of my favorite touches is the robot face stamps on the corners of the napkins. I love those little details.

Food was laid out on simple white serving trays and it booth grounds the bright colors and really makes them pop! There was a wide assortment of candy for guests to enjoy — and little striped and chevron bags provided for them to load up.

Sweet treats included parfaits, custom wrapped chocolate bars for guests to enjoy and an awesome assortment of robot cookies and cupcakes. I love the robot part cookies, they remind me of Hello Naomi’s famous robot cupcakes. Aren’t both versions fabulous?

The robot birthday cake is absolutely darling. It may well be my favorite part of this fabulous dessert table. I love the attention to detail and the face the robot has.

Kid guests were able to take home party favors in silver boxes, which had robot faces on the front. Another great touch! It looks like everyone had a great time celebration birthday boy Mauricio at this robot themed birthday party!

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