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Robot Birthday Party!

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The boy’s birthday party we’re featuring today is a robot themed birthday that Candace of Lily Paul Designs threw for her son Owen’s first birthday party. She included so many fabulous details — I’m loving the build a bot activity she had for the kids — that I am going to let Candace tell you about it herself. You can read her own words at the end of the post.

LOL – I had to include this photo as it totally reminded me of my own son, who often claims ownership over party props.

In Candace’s Own Words:

As soon as Owen was born, his big sister Grace started calling him Owenator which reminded me of the Terminator movies and just like that I had the theme for his first birthday…robots!  I knew I wanted a bright color palette and came across the robot printable collection from Mulberry Paperie on Etsy which set the tone for the party.

You can’t have a robot party without robots so I got to work building over 25 robots to fill the picnic tables.  Jess of Lovely Party Things created the gear printables used to decorate the fronts of the robots and the robot costumes for the kids….you can get them here Little Party Things. I also scored a Robot photo prop on clearance at Oriental Trading for only .97 cents!  And it can’t be a lillypaul designs party without a touch of polka dots! Balloons, napkins, and wrapped boxes for the dessert table added that polka dot touch.  I also created a basic robot template and created Owen’s 1st year picture banner for added décor.

Guests munched on robot themed treats including: Nuts and Bolts popcorn mix, Memory Cells puppy chow, Fuel Pack cupcakes, Robot Suckers, Robot Krispie Bots, and Liquid Fuel juice jugs.  For the littlest crowd we included a Micro Bot Station of Goldfish, Veggie Straws, and Cheerios.

To keep our little bots busy, we had a “Build a Bot” station where our little bots built and decorated their own robot, what a hit that was!  In addition to their personal robots, each guest received their own robot costume and went home with goodie bags filled with robot stickers, pencils, notebooks, painting pages, robot candy, and stretch robots.

Vendor Credits:

-Party styling and photography:  lillypaul designs

-Customized printable collection:  Mulberry Paperie

-Robot cupcakes:  Carrasquillo Creations

-Robot gear printables:  Lovely Party Things


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