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Roaring Good Dinosaur Birthday Party

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This little boy dinosaur birthday party is truly amazing! Kate from Piece of Cake Parties and Celebrations made sure every single detail was covered. The overall effect of her planning is a roaring success! {Want more? Take a peek at some of our other dinosaur themed birthday party ideas for your little boy!}

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Guests are greeted by a beautiful Happy Birthday banner, beautiful artwork of the birthday boy, and a scrumptious looking treat table.

Guests also are welcomed by several very large dinosaurs around the room! I love how real they all look!

The custom jars at the treat table are amazing. They are glasses jars with fabric tops and a cute little dinosaur glued on top. Isn’t that creative?! I really enjoy handmade touches like that in parties. If you want to make your own, check out these plastic toy dinosaurs from Amazon, which would be perfect for this purpose! (Or even painting and using as table decorations.)

The treat table also has miniature trees and lots of greenery. It makes it feel like it’s totally plausible that the dinosaurs are about to stomp through the room!

Handmade treats are served on simple, white dishes laid out on a brown table cloth. The bright red tin cans offer a great punch of color to the table scape!

Guests will want Dinosaur Sized Bites with These Great Treat Ideas!

Yummy treats include rice krispie treats, dinosaur decorated cookies, donuts, chocolate eggs and cupcakes. I think the labels and cupcake wraps are very pretty and I love the pop of green! {Check out great dinosaur themed birthday cakes!}

And, if you want to make your dinosaur fossil cookies for a dessert table, these Dinosaur Fossil Skeleton would be perfect to make dinosaur impressions with!

The drinks are another area where the theme comes through! Milk is served in small glass bottles with a patterned straw. The glass bottles are wrapped in a custom label and burlap. What a great touch! There are also water bottles with custom name labels for each guest!

The dining table is truly a masterpiece. The natural table and chairs are gorgeous. Adding the Dinosaur plates and pops of green really makes it come alive. I love the dinosaur centerpiece and the balloons. The bright banner hanging at the end of the table is also a great pop of color!

The party favor boxes are incredible! They are wrapped in brown paper with twine and feature each recipient’s name on the front. They are filled with dinosaur candy, toys, and games. I would almost hate to open it because it’s so perfect!   The entire feel of the room is perfect with the dinosaur birthday party theme — there is really no detail left unnoticed!

I also think this Silikomart Silicone Dinosaur Mold would be fantastic to make these dinosaur crayons or would be the perfect addition to the top of cupcakes.

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What’s your favorite idea from this dinosaur-theme boy’s birthday party?

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