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Race Car Themed 6th Birthday Party

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Boys, racecars, birthday “zoooom” PARTY! According to mom Vicky, of Party Rite, this little six-year-old birthday boy is car mad so no other theme idea would do this year. Vicky gathered cars, trophies, and party supplies in black and white to create decorations for celebrating her little love. An awesome cake, personalized favors and heedfulness to details produced a winning party in this popular boy-jubilation theme.

Race Car Birthday Party Ideas

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Vicky did a fantastic job on this dessert table. She uses a lot of black and white checks and they work because of the diversity of the check sizes. Solid hits of red and blue brighten the entire layout. A winner’s flag is displayed prominently over the sweets.

Race Car Birthday Cake

Don’t you love how the double cake is bridged by a roadway? Clever! Picture the cake without its platform of blue; doesn’t work, does it? The solid blue platform and the elevated height give the eye a place to rest.

Race Car Birthday Party Food Ideas - Cookies

I appreciate the balance Vicky brought to the table by hedging the cake with colorful cakepops, twin traffic lights and then balancing the apothecary jars with the trophies.

Race Car Birthday Party Checkered Flag Cake Pops

Using the “Anthony” nameplate in red is a nice dash of drama.

Race Car Birthday Party Dessert Table

Custom wrapped candy bars serve as take-home favors. They are balanced on the opposite side of the table by the cupcakes. My favorite detail of the décor is the witty use of a (new) car filter as a display for the cupcakes!

Cupcakes for Race Car Themed Birthday Party

Beverage bottles wear wraps with Anthony’s name, a racecar picture and the party date. Some bottles have fuel gage images.

Race Car Birthday Party Supplies

The seating table looks terrific! Black and white checks are used here, too, in the table cover and the plates. Red and blue napkins and chairs ramp up the energy. Using trophies for place seating is genius! I like the giant car balloons suspended over the table.

Race Car Birthday Party Decorations

A slot car race set, face painting and a mini jump house contributed to the merrymaking. Take a victory lap, Vicky; you’ve earned it!

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