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Race Car Birthday Party

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The first dessert table I ever did had a vintage car theme, so I am very partial to any party that features cars. I love this one from Courtney at Glamour Avenue Parties. In her business, she usually is contracted to do girl themes, so she was very happy plan a race car themed birthday for her own son, Aiden. One of my favorite elements of this party is the “flagged” walkway up to the covered area where the party was held. It looks awesome. More about the party in Courtney’s own words at the end of the post!


In Courtney’s Own Words:

This party was to celebrate my son’s 3rd birthday. My typical party clientele is 99% girl (with my son Aidan being the 1% LOL), so I am typically bombarded with pink, zebra, and the usual fair of girly party themes. So I look forward to the 1 time of year that I can explore fun party ideas for my son and this year “race car” stuck out. My son Aidan is into cars, motorcycles and anything that goes fast so it was a no brainer to move forward with a race car theme. I started months in advance so that I could tackle the small details and catch sales for party items. I also spent way to many hours on Pinterest researching fun options to incorporate into the party and I was never short on inspiration.

Once I filtered my ideas, I opted for a classic red, black, and white color scheme as these colors are always readily available to purchase inexpensively at discount and dollar stores. I will say cost was a motivating factor for the color palette as I wanted to keep the budget within reason. I feel if you keep the cost down in selected areas (paper goods, cups, plates, etc. ) you are free to spend more on other ideas. Although I like to utilize other party vendors as resources I made all of the labels (which were not a lot) myself, but next year I will go with one of the many printable companies to cut some of my prep time in half!

I decided to have the party at a local park as I felt the setting was perfect , the costs for park reservations range from $0 to “minimal fees” and provide for easy entertainment for kids. I believe this may vary by region, but it sure beats the “pricey costs” associated with some party venues. Before looking into outdoor parties, I would keep in mind the weather, as I was petrified up until the day of the party that it would rain, so needless to say, I stalked the weather channel daily. Although we did not see rain, even though there was a 30% chance, we did experience wind that blew most of my decor off of the tables, but luckily, I had all my shots prior to the extreme wind gusts!


In my opinion, a party isn’t a party without a dessert table, so I chose to go with my usual dessert table staples of chocolate dipped treats, candies, and beverages. I reinforced the racing flags into the labels for the sweets and even purchased checkerboard duct tape to wrap around Gatorade and water bottles. I kept the number of sweets down, and even so we still had so much left over we hunted down families at the park to see if the wanted any of the goodies we still had left over!)


The entertainment included a race car bounce house, free play at the park playground, wooden race car decorating and coloring kits for the guests. After all of this activity the kids were free to munch on a small lunch stored in gable boxes that also served as place settings. I went with “cafeteria style” foods such as turkey sliders, fruit snacks, chips and cookies.


To top off the afternoon we surprised Aidan with a red 3 wheeler, which he loved! I am certainly glad birthdays fall once a year, because they can be a big labor of love to make it perfect for the most important people in your life!


Stephanie Keeping

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