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Pirate Birthday Dessert Table {Boy Party Ideas}

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A birthday dessert table using our pirate themed party printables!

We have a new set of pirate party themed printables in the  Spaceships and Laser Beams Etsy shop and I am super excited to be able to show case them today with one of our own dessert tables. I’m always really proud when we have our own boy party ideas here on the blog.

I must admit, the custom illustrations in this collection are among my favorites! The color palette that Rachel has chosen means that the creative direction you can take for your pirate themed birthday parties are endless – regardless of whether you want a traditional black and red scheme or to opt for a lighter blue and sand approach.

The backdrop is actually the pirate boy from the invite cropped. I also used our welcome sign and the 4″ circle decals that feature three different young boy pirates as well as various images associated with pirate life. You could easily add them around the room of your party to help draw the theme in from every side.


I started off the table set up on a blue table cloth with some matching blue tulle to create a wave effect. I also scattered seashells everywhere (I bought a bag of them from a home decor store as we aren’t close to the ocean).


All the treats for the guests tie in our pirate birthday party theme and are labeled with cute little pirate printable labels and names. I also used a variety of trays and non-traditional vessels to serve the food so that it would create interest.

Pirate Party Food Ideas


The chocolate cake (delicious) is topped with a pirate made of polymer that matches the back drop. We also used a 4″ printable decal from our shop with some gold coins as cake toppers and ice blue rock candy to mimic that ocean effect created with the tulle.

The cupcake wrappers are the most popular item in our collection – they look like treasure chests! I used two different kinds of cupcakes: vanilla with blue icing and pearl sprinkles and lemon with gold icing that had our treasure chest favor tags on top.




Guests can enjoy chocolate truffles that look like they have flecks of gold in them. I also served “gold coin” macarons on a beautiful blue seashell shaped tray.


In addition, there were treasure maps (aka cream horns, soooo good) for guests to enjoy!



I used small glasses with the printable decals on them filled with jelly beans. And as a last detail, served “sea water” in glass bottles with printable labels and twine around the neck.


Want to add to the fun of a pirate party theme? I think it would be very fun to have some pirate dress up at this pirate party as well! I love this cute Melissa & Doug Pirate Costume . It could make a fantastic party favor for the guests to take home or outfit for the birthday boy or girl. Best of all, it fits perfectly with this theme.

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What are your must-have ideas for a pirate themed birthday party?

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