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Peter Pan Birthday Party

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I am completely digging this cake. Sarah from Little Wheelz made it for her son’s 4th birthday. He picked him out himself. And it’s the most adorable story. According to Sarah: For almost four months prior to his birthday, my son Connor had made up his mind that for his 4th birthday he wanted to dress up as Captain Hook and fight Peter Pan at his party.  Connor had also decided that he wanted a dessert table, and after spending a day going through my cake books, had settled on a Debbie Brown cake, “Pirate Dreams”. Connor’s like a lot of kids who have a parent who works in the party industry. He’s grown up seeing his mom make cakes. So he has a little different perspective than the average 4 year old. I already see it in my three year old. When I asked him what his favorite kind of cake was, he said “Birthday cake!” By the way. I am also completely digging the cupcakes below. So awesome.

Stephanie Keeping

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