Monkey Themed Birthday Party for Your Little Curious George

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A Curious George monkey themed boy’s birthday party is far from bananas! Andrea, from Where the Green Grass Grows, pulled off this four-year-old’s party perfectly. Everyone knows four-year-olds like to monkey around so you can imagine the fun and wild time they had with this party idea! Banana splits instead of a cake, banana cupcakes, banana candies, and banana bread for take-home favors…hey, this was monkey paradise!

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Birthday parties and sunshine are natural pairings, so the dessert table in the great outdoors worked well for the small, energetic party guests. Monkeys were incorporated throughout the decoration designs, including in the bright flag banner which welcomed guests and spelled out the birthday boy’s name. Adorable blue and white argyle, custom birthday party hats helped get the guests into a celebratory mood.


Solid blue colored cups and bright yellow striped straws made the perfect party cup when adorned with a custom sticker label.


Red ribbons added a dash of color to the yellow and blue scheme. A treasury book of everyone’s favorite little monkey, Curious George, was included as part of the decorations. Remember the classic Barrel of Monkeys game? It made a cute decoration, too. A wooden crate, just like those used for shipping fresh fruit, was an ingenious way to display the party goods.


In addition to the ice cream banana splits, real bananas and mini banana candies were up for grabs, just what the monkey ordered! Banana cupcakes, which were marked with a customized monkey-themed topper, could be eaten at the party; a cheery, bright yellow bag, with a label closure made sure the fresh-baked banana bread went home safely.



The birthday boy is the son of Anne Nunn, of Anne Nunn Photography, so of course these colorful photos are her work. Looks like Andrea and Anne work well together! To see more of Andrea’s work, visit her on Pinterest.  

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