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Minecraft Themed 8th Birthday Party Ideas

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Boy oh boy, check out this Minecraft party!

Sharon, of Supermum Cakes, built an alternate universe in the real outdoors for her son’s 8th birthday: great idea.

Sharon used a plethora of cube shapes in bright colors to bring the Minecraft theme to life on the food and dessert table. The Minecraft cake (hero Brine, with glowing eyes!) makes a wonderful centerpiece.

The cookies, cupcakes and other treats not only satisfy the appetite, they serve as delightful party decorations as well. Sharon used foodstuff supplies and favor bags to build a terrific boy party.

Minecraft Birthday Party Supplies

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The “grass” table cover connects the birthday party table to the outdoor setting and serves as a nod to the beautiful Minecraft universe. Cake hero, Brine, and his buddies guard the table.

Minecraft Birthday Cake

Cuboid place mats under the food dishes add another color dimension, as do all of the foods.

I like the bright red and white TNT “bomb” decoration; it’s a good way to hold the treat pops and promote the party theme. Clear cubed candy containers offer Cocoa Beans, Spawn Eggs and Diamonds.

The menu served included good choices for filling empty cells: Mob Cookies, TNT Pops (Rice Krispies, dipped in chocolate and covered in fondant), Creeper Cupcakes, Redstone Ore (chocolate crackles with red sugar crystals), Grass Block Brownies, Slime Shots (lime jelly) and Nut Butter Bot Sandwiches. Creeper Juice and water in Minecraft wraps quenched thirst.

Minecraft Birthday Party Favor Ideas

Bright green favor bags declare: “I Came; I Saw; I Mined”. This is a great boy party for bringing an alternate reality to the happy birthday here and now. No griefing was used in building this party!

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