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Madagascar Birthday Party Ideas

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This Madagascar themed birthday party was thrown in honor of a birthday boy in love with the film and characters! I love the clean look of the decor, yet how true to character it stays! Whether your child’s favorite character from the movie is Alex, Gloria, Melmen or Marty, they won’t be disappointed with these party decorations.

Scrapaper by Erica was commissioned to create this lovely Madagascar themed party in Miami. She used natural brown and green tones with pops of animal print to make the theme come to life!

madgascar boy birthday party ideas

I love the favor bag set up area – the items have the birthday boy’s initial and birthday number on them in green and brown print. I think the logs and leaves add something great to the area!

The tables are simple. I love the how the characters keep company with the guests, plus the pop of animal print from the hat on the back of the chair!

The safari hat backdrop is simple but really tie the colors and theme together. There is no mistaking what these hats represent! It’s time to go on a safari adventure!

madgascar boy birthday party ideas

I love the dark green color of this suitcase! I think the toy puppet is also a great touch!

Everything from the centerpieces to the table decorations with greenery and branches were perfectly placed. I love the leopard print pennant used throughout the party. If you can’t find one, decorating with a leopard print scarf like this one would work very well – and could be easily used after the party!To continuing the animal print theme, treats for guests were served in simple brown paper bags with leopard print ribbons securing them shut.

madgascar boy birthday party ideas

madgascar boy birthday party ideas

madgascar boy birthday party ideas

madgascar boy birthday party ideas

The cake and cupcakes were provided by Misses Cake. I absolutely adore the cute character faces she created on these treats and how life-like the leaves look on the birthday cake!

The cupcakes also feature wrappers with the birthday boy’s initial G. The cupcake toppers – featuring the movie’s main characters – are almost too cute to eat… but I think we can all agree that we would. 🙂

Are you hosting a Madagascar themed party? Celebrate using these tips!

Keep colors simple and stick with a natural color scheme. Add pops of animal print like this Leopard Print Scarf to add patterns around the party. Give the Madagascar movie in the kid’s goody bags! Play dress up with the kids with this darling Melissa & Doug Backyard Explorer Role Play Set. Have all the guests pick their favorite Foam Animal Masks and take a picture! This is sure to bring lots of giggles! Enjoy story time with Way Far Away on a Wild Safari.

Leave a comment with your best tips for a Madagascar themed birthday party!

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