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Little Man Mustache Bash Birthday Party

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Why not celebrate your little man with, well, a Little Man Party?

Valerie Cianci, from Top it Off Designs, came up with a super cute and clever first birthday party for her client’s son.

If you are looking for a reason to incorporate the ever trendy moustache as a party element into your little guy’s birthday, this is your chance.

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Valerie went outside the blue/green boy colors box and chose reds, yellows, and browns to keep it warm but modern and still all boy.

Throughout the party décor and dessert table, she added sweet little touches with bow ties, ties, top hats and moustaches; even the balloons looked the part.

The adorable cupcakes were topped with ties, bowties and moustaches made from fondant.

Everyone also got their own mini water bottle complete with labels that match the theme and sugar cookies shaped like ties.

The gorgeous two-tier cake left no question as to how old the birthday boy is with a great ONE across the top.

The table was also filled with little moustache candies, as well as other treats dressed up with ties and bowties.

All the boys got a tie and all the girls got a headband with a bowtie on it, so they could look dapper for the photo booth activity.

The photo booth had a large frame for groups to use as well as more props like moustache glasses for the grown-ups.

I just love that Valerie brought the adults into an activity like this as everyone got a special momento to take away from the party.

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