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Kid’s Party Food: St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock Pretzels

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I know that a lot of kids don’t like to eat their greens, but I’ll bet they’ll go for this kids’ party food idea: green pretzel shamrocks! They’re a little sweet—but not too much, plus they look so colorful on a party table. They’re a perfect lunch complement if you’re hosting a St. Patrick’s gathering or they can stand alone as a novel taste treat. They have that awesome salty-sweet taste combo that’s a favorite of many—myself included—and there are only two ingredients! They’re easy to make.  Ready to get started?

Kid's Party Food St. Patrick's Day Shamrock Pretzels

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    For these St. Patrick’s Day treats you’ll need:

    • a bag of mini pretzels
    • a package of green candy melts
    • wax paper
    • baking sheet
    • piping bag


    Here’s what you do: 

    • put a sheet of wax paper on a baking sheet (it’s easier to pick up the pretzels to put them in the fridge when they’re supported by the baking sheet)
    • put the pretzels upside down on the wax paper (one side is usually more flat)
    • melt green candy melts in a piping bag in the microwave; I melt them in 20 second increments, then take the bag out, knead the candy so that the part that hasn’t quite melted and the melted portion are mixed. It only takes 1 or 2 microwave blasts that way.
    • snip off the tiniest opening off the bag
    • fill the “wells” of the pretzels; make the stem and then go back and fill in the pretzels until they have the shape of a shamrock
    • let them harden for about 10 minutes; stick them in the fridge if you want them done sooner


    That’s the whole process; they’re easy, they look cute and they taste divine!

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    How will your family celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? 

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