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[Inspiration] Wild Cutedom

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Where I’m originally from (in Newfoundland), there aren’t any snakes. So when I moved to Ontario, one of my biggest fears was running into one. It still is. Much to my relief, I’ve successfully avoided seeing one for almost 13 years. Meeting this snake cupcake face to face? Not so much of a problem. Total cuteness. No fear. (Maybe just of the calories but who counts those when it comes to cupcakes, anyway?) This adorable confection by Blissfully Sweet is part of a party created by Leanne of Sweet Style by Mrs. A in the Cove for the fourth birthday of her friend’s son. I first saw it on Sweet Designs by Amy Atlas and it really stuck with me for its beauty and simplicity and also Leanne’s attention to detail.

Be sure to check out Leanne’s original post for all the details.

Stephanie Keeping

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