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[Inspiration] Vintage Mod & Vespa

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Certainly one of the most fabulous things about having this blog is getting to see and showcase parties from around the world. It’s always fun to see what party trends translate across cultures (cupcakes!, cake pops!). When I saw this vintage mod and vespa party from Italy, I knew it would be perfect for the Captain’s Blog. It was thrown by Alessandra of Almalu’s Place to celebrate her husband’s birthday — and I think it would work perfectly as a party for a boy of just about any age.

Here’s what Alessandra had to say about this party: Hubby loves vintage Vespas and his favorite colors are red, white and blue. So I thought it would have been fun to celebrate his birthday with a Mod party: Seventies (he was born in 1973), a lot of blue, red and white and loads of Vespas!


Be sure to check out all of the details in her original post

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