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[Inspiration] Through the Woods

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Growing up in Newfoundland [shameless plug”], the great outdoors was never as gorgeous as this party by Katie Grace Design. I remember rain, I remember outhouses and I remember lots of bug bites. Lots and lots of bug bites. This “Through the Woods” themed party threatens to quash my fear of the great outdoors.

This party was put together by Katie for her son Sawyer’s first birthday. The green and brown color palette certainly does pop. I love how they work together – and how the exterior facade of the house looks fantastic with this set-up. And, seriously, those cupcakes are great – and totally do-able. 

The centrepiece developed for the interior buffet table is a great DIY project. I should have done something like this for Sam’s first birthday as I can totally see our relatives cooing over this for hours.

I couldn’t resist including this photo of Sawyer. Isn’t it completely amazing?! I love the concentration.

You can visit Katie’s personal site to find more photos of this party and be sure to check out her professional work as well at Katie Grace Design.

Stephanie Keeping

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