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Science Themed 7th Birthday Party

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This party is another one I found via Pinterest. (Basically, every time I see a cute photo that looks like it might belong to a boy’s party I go on the hunt for the source. It’s a little insane, I know. But I do it for you. Haha) Kimberly from The Muddy Princess created it for her son’s 7th birthday. It was the first year that he had a party with just his friends from school and he requested a science theme. I love that loving science is cool enough to show your friends. (I hope my little Sam is listening.) I also love the thought and detail that Kimberly put into designing experiments or “investigations” as she calls them. I have some of my favorite pics and details from the party below. But you must (MUST) visit her original post to get the entire scoop.

Each kid scientist who attended would receive their own clipboard with investigation sheets, a pair of goggles and a scientist badge.?

The kids also used the hand scan to obtain access to the laboratory. Kimberly got this fabulous idea here.

This was one of many investigations at the party. Called Color Lab, the kid scientists practiced mixing colors on their investigation sheets using colored water and pipettes.?


Stephanie Keeping

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