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[Inspiration] Robin Soooo Good

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As soon as I saw this cake (originally on the fabulous blog Kara’s Party Ideas), I knew I had to feature this party. There’s just so many exquisite details. And the way that the Robin Hood theme has been woven into the design is so subtle and masterful, it’s true inspiration for anyone who wants a more commercial theme to look anything but mass marketed. The talent behind this party is Melissa from Tout Mon Amour. Melissa, the mother of two girls and two boys (and she still had time to pull off this gorgeous party!), tells me My eldest son was turning 7 and we didn’t want the normal superhero theme.  I actually asked my son what he thought would be nice but ‘DIFFERENT AND COOL’ and he said Robin Hood.

Melissa did such a good job of recapping the party, I’m going to let her tell it in her own words…

I like to make most of the crafty things for my kid’s parties myself as not only does it keep the cost down, but my children see the whole process in the weeks leading up to their special day and know the work that I put into their party to make it so special.  I also try to include them and all four of them will have little jobs like searching for the letters for the kid’s names to peeling the wrappers off the lolly bars ready for our custom ones. 

Each child took home a mini chocolate bar, a wanted bar and their little suede favour bag.  And I love using Hershey Kisses – they are such a nice size for favour bags and again I adapted the design to suit the theme and the kids helped by peeling and sticking them for me.

She adds: I always try to have personalised aspects to my parties such as the cups or drink bottles as every child loves to search for their name and take their little item home. The cups were really inexpensive – just throw away coffee cups that I glued hessian around with a hot glue gun and then some calico cut in strips, tied with twine.  The letters were cut with my Cricut machine and glued on.

Here are Melissa’s wonderful sources:

The cake / bow and Arrow Cookies – by A Little Slice of Heaven 
The cake pedestal and mini timber logs by Broc Cattley
Green, Brown and White Rock Candy by Sugar Cube Lolly Buffets
Green Chocolate Buttons by Candy Soirees
White ruffled Tablecloth by Kiddilicious

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