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[Inspiration] Pirate Birthday Party!

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This super fun pirate birthday party was sent to me by Tash of Country Mom Party Goddess, who threw it for her five year old son’s birthday .This event is best described in Tasha’s own words: When the kids arrived, they got pirate tattoos, mustaches, and an official pirate name that we had printed on name tags for each of them to wear. Then, they colored their pirate bananas with fabric markers while waiting for the rest of the kids to arrive. I sent the kids on a treasure hunt using photos since they cannot read well enough for written clues. Sixteen clues and lots of running back and forth throughout the house, they found the treasure, which was a chest full of gold medallion necklaces, chocolate gold coins, and ring pops. In the same location as the treasure chest was an inflatable ship set up with a chest full of giant marshmallows for the kids to have a marshmallow pirate battle. We divided the kids into two teams and told them to go nuts. Boy! It was rowdy, and there were marshmallows EVERYWHERE, but seeing the unmovable smile on our son’s face and hearing the squeals of joy as the kids threw marshmallows back and forth at each other made it all worth while.” More of my favorite photos after the jump and be sure to visit Tasha’s original post for all the details.

Tasha adds: As for the dessert table, my son had the brilliant idea of stringing up a shark in fish net above the table. I made rice krispie treat eyeballs, some rather gory pirate cupcakes, paper candy cones filled with bugles and rolos, a treasure chest cake, and for a healthy option, waffle bowls decorated like pirate ships filled with balled watermelon.

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