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[Inspiration] Ninjas v. Samurai

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When I told my husband, Mike, that I had found a dessert table that was themed Ninjas verses Samurai he told me that’s the theme he wanted for his upcoming big 4-0. (I know! But he looks so young.)

It’s from the fabulous Bunny Cakes and I recently featured a bunny baby shower of theirs. It was created when Kristin’s boys turned eight. What an original theme for a twin’s birthday. Also, any theme that makes a grown man say awesome has to be true boy party inspiration. 

And Mike’s answer to the age old question of who would win the epic battle of ninja verses samurai? Ninjas. Some of the reasons (there were many) are that he says the samurai fights one on one but the ninjas work in the dark, in numbers and are stealth. Ask the boy/man-boy in your life to see if they agree.

Kristin has more details, photos and a list of games she played on the Bunny Cakes blog. But heed her warning: Real Ninjas and Samurai have nothing on a rowdy bunch of 8 year old boys!

Stephanie Keeping

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