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[Inspiration] Flying in Style

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Leoni from Just Call Me Martha is the mom of four girls. But you would never know it from the care and detail she put into this dessert table for the third birthday party celebrating the son of a friend. Leoni made (MADE!) that little-slice-of-boy-party-heaven airplane cake as well as the fabulous cookies, cupcakes and propeller cake pops. I am always in awe of anyone who can bake as I rarely get it right the first time.

Here’s a close-up of that CAKE! And just read what Leoni had to say about making it “Here is Axel’s birthday cake, it’s a cross between Planet cake’s airplane cake and a Qantas jumbo. The body of the cake is vanilla buttercake, the wings are made from biscuit covered in vanilla Satin ice, while the tail and tail fins are made from fondant. The engines were made from coconut ice since I needed somthing solid yet edible to hold up the heavy wings. In the end this cake weighed a tonne!” I love an over-achiever!!!

How sweet are these cloud cookies? They’d also look very cute at a kite party like the one we featured from Tracey Lau in January.

And these propeller cake pops are just darling! (I never used that work but it just seems to fit here.)

Be sure to check out Leoni’s original post for lots more detail.

Stephanie Keeping

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