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[Inspiration] Elephant in the Room

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There’s no hiding the elephant in the room at this party. It’s adorable! This baby elephant birthday was created by Jenn to celebrate her son Noah’s first birthday. Jen runs a blog called Koehler Family, which gives a glimpse into what life might be like as the mother to THREE active boys. (By the way, Jenn describes her life as “…somewhat crazy and chaotic, but fun…”). 

Jenn tells me that she is currently in the process of planning of planning Noah’s second birthday. Based on this party, I can’t wait to see the results!

These favors are what drew me to this party. I love the little blue elephants atop the clear boxes of biscuits. And it’s an idea that could be replicated for so many different themes.

And how adorable is this photo of the birthday boy? I had to include it!

Stephanie Keeping

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