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A Creative Boy’s Puppy Themed Birthday Party

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I’m not sure there is a cuter or more creative theme for celebrating a three-year-old boy’s birthday than a puppy party! Designed by Jessica, of Jessica Kettle Photography, to celebrate her puppy-loving son Max, it is unique and fresh and full of many budget-friendly decoration and DIY ideas.  

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Parties are much more fun when they center on the guest of honor and his wishes.  Jessica planned this celebration because of her son’s obsession with pretending he was actually a puppy.  From barking to crawling on all fours to insisting on eating out of his mother’s hand…you get the point—all things puppy, all the time.

So how did Jessica make this puppy “paw-ty” happen?  A lot of simple DIY!

Take the paw print table runner.  She grabbed inexpensive butcher paper and stamped it herself.

The paw print design was duplicated on kraft-colored favor bags as well as handmade tags.

A Creative Boy’s Puppy Party

She rounded up color coordinating products, like red and blue balloons, party plates and napkins and then added a fire hydrant prop she found at the craft store for half off. She threw in a faux dog bone, and voila—a puppy party was born!

A Creative Boy’s Puppy Party

To up the party cool factor, Jessica planned creative treats.  Using a new dog bowl from the pet store, she created a cake covered in Cocoa Puffs to resemble dog food.  Dog bone-shaped sugar cookies and packages of puppy chow (cereal) were also served.  “Bone” appetit!

A Creative Boy’s Puppy Party A Creative Boy’s Puppy Party

Cookies, puppy chow, and a bouncy ball for fetching were all part of the take-home favors.  Additionally, Jessica scored big with stuffed puppies she found at her local dollar store.

A Creative Boy’s Puppy Party

A Creative Boy’s Puppy Party

Jessica also made adorable puppy ears and dog collars for each of the party attendees out of felt and head bands.  Just look at those cute puppies!


A Creative Boy’s Puppy Party

To keep the kids entertained, an “obedience school” was part of the activity line-up.  Guests were “commanded” to roll over, bark, sit, lay and so on, to earn Skittles “dog treats”.  I’m smiling just thinking about that scene!

A Creative Boy’s Puppy Party

Next up, the party guests played a game of “fetch”.  Jessica threw the bone and gave each “pup” a chance to run and retrieve the bone before it was thrown to the next guest. That’s just the sort of imaginative game a group of little ones loves to play.

A Creative Boy’s Puppy Party

When it was time to chow down on the cake, butcher paper was spread out on the floor so guests could eat just like puppies.  Silverware not included.  More novel kidlet fun!


Doggone good job Jessica!

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