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[Inspiration] Construction Worker

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If you have a son (and chances are you do if you’re on this site), it’s not news when I say that little boys love construction vehicles. We even experience that here atSpaceships and Laser Beams: of all our collections, our Construction Crew is the best seller. So when Dawn of Not Just a Mommy sent me photos of the construction-themed third birthday party she planned for her friend’s son, I knew we must feature them. There has to be tons of moms out there looking for construction party inspiration. And I think that any little boy would be thrilled to have a cake like this one! It was made by Lori Miller of Sweet Cheeks Custom Cakes and Dawn added the trucks and traffic signs.

Dawn says: Of course when you arrive at a construction site you must check in with with reception (our older kids), who issued each guest a hard hat and a canvas work apron. Guests also signed their own toy truck to play with during the party. Other fun party activities included using plastic hammers to nail in golf tees into styrofoam blocks, playing in a sand box and ‘Pin The Nail On The Hammer.’

She also created Build Your Own Chex Mix bar and lined wooden berry baskets with napkins for guests to fill with their mix.


Dawn’s sources:

Party styling: Dawn (Not Just a Mommy)
Photography: Birthday boy’s mother
Printables: Paper & Cake  
Wooden baskets, spoons and paper straws: Garnish
Be sure to visit Dawn’s blog, Not Just a Mommy!

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