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[Inspiration] Cereal Mixer

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Cereal is a big deal in our house. It’s basically one of three food groups that my picky eaters will eat. Yes, that’s plural for the husband and son. 🙂 So when I saw this party after Kristy from The Purple Pug posted a link to it on her Facebook page, I had to contact Merrilee of Mer Mag to see if we could feature it as a today’s boy party inspiration. Merrilee threw it to celebrate her son’s fifth birthday. I love how it is both casual and full of incredible details at the same time. Plus what little boy wouldn’t love getting to spend the WHOLE DAY in his pjs. Heck, I would love that — especially if it included a nap.

Love (LOVE!) this favor idea.

Be sure to visit Merrilee’s original post for all the details. (She also has a great Etsy shop!)

Stephanie Keeping

Stephanie is in love with a boy named Sam. He has taught her that it's okay to jump first and look later, to wear a dirty shirt to the park and to decide that today is a good day to take a nap in your rubber boots. She hangs out here blogging at Spaceships and Laser Beams and at our printable party shop on Etsy.