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[Inspiration] Baby It’s Chic Outside

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I don’t know about where you are but here in most parts of Canada there is a whole lot of snow right now. And more is on the way. So it’s only fitting that this be our inspirational post today as it is going to showcase some of the magnificent photos – by the very talented Geneve Hoffmam – from the most chic skating party you could ever hope to attend. If I didn’t have an aversion to the cold (not convenient when you live in Canada), I would be throwing one of these right now. It’s the brainchild of Kate from Beautiful Days. I can’t do this party justice with words, even the marshmallows in the hot chocolate are exquisite. 

You can see more photos of this party on the wonderful blog The Sweetest Occasion, where I first spotted it before contacting Kate directly for permission to use some of her photos. You should also visit Kate at the Beautiful Days blog while you’re at it!

Stephanie Keeping

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