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How to Plan an Easter Egg Hunt

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Easter is the perfect reason to gather family and close friends for a celebration! Everyone knows that an Easter party isn’’t complete without an egg hunt. Here are my tips for planning a great event for all ages.


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Easter Baskets

Whether you are providing Easter baskets for each guest or inviting them to bring their own, guests will need a basket for collecting all of their eggs. No matter what option you choose, every host should have a few extra on hand in case guests forget to bring their own. Most dollar stores sell them and stocking up on them early in the season is highly recommended.


You will want to plan for plenty of eggs.  I recommend allotting at least a dozen for each guest.  You will need to decide whether you are hiding real eggs or plastic eggs or even a combination of the two.  Both require preparation.  Be sure to purchase the needed supplies while they are plentiful.  Egg dye, plastic eggs, and small treats and trinkets can be found at most dollar stores and grocery stores.  If you are expecting a large crowd, you may want to invite each family to contribute to the egg supply.  Allow plenty of time during the week ahead of the hunt to fill plastic eggs and/or decorate eggs.

Children love to find eggs filled with candy, small toys, stickers or temporary tattoos.

To keep the egg hunt extra exciting, have a few prize eggs with “golden tickets” that guests can exchange for a slightly larger prize from a prize bag or table.

To ensure that everyone has a joyful experience, you may want to consider making a per person egg limit.  This allows children who hunt a little more slowly plenty of time to fill their baskets.

Design the Hunt Area

In order to have a successful hunt, you’’ll want to keep the ages of your guests in mind.  Smaller guests may need a smaller hunt area with hiding spots for eggs that are easier to spot and reach.  Leaving them in open spots and very visible will keep them feeling encouraged and successful. Older children will enjoy a broader hunt area and harder hiding spots so they can use their super skills to sniff out the eggs.  Get creative by hiding eggs under leaves, on top of tree branches, behind rocks and inside structures such as drainage spouts. Use cones or string to rope off areas for each age group.

Designate a Hunt End Time

While some hunts don’’t end until the last egg is found, other people like taking a more practical approach by setting a time limit for hunting.  Both approaches have their pros and cons. Decide what will be best for your gathering.

If an egg hunt is an annual occurrence, you may want to have a plastic egg “recycle” box so friends and family can turn in their eggs once the contents are emptied.  This isn’’t necessary, but it can save on expense from year to year.

So what are you waiting for?  Hop on those Easter egg hunt plans and enjoy the celebration with family and friends!

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