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Halloween Party Decorations with Sparkle

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Halloween parties haunt boys and girls, but lots of kids seem to be fascinated by the ideas found in the macabre celebrations…so (discordant organ music begins) the theme continues. It was a dark and gloomy night when One Sweet Girl, AKA Julie, laid out a Halloween graveyard dessert table—that sparkles!

Halloween Party Supplies Ideas

Decorations in an unusual color combination of black, purple, magenta, acid green and orange are somehow spooky and bright, all at the same time.

Halloween Party Decorations

“Rest in Peace” tombstones stand tall on a black slab of a table, where fresh flowers hint of a recent passing. Several panels of fabric with a dark“feel” have been used as an effective background.

Love this party? Get the look!

Halloween Party Cake

A clever wooden fence fronts a miniature mausoleum-like cake that a spider found first. There are several candy-filled apothecary jars; but the one that caught my attention first is full of ghoulish (but colorful!) skulls. And who knew flower shaped treats could look ominous?

Halloween Party Supplies Ideas

Cauldrons of candy beckon guests to come closer and look. Skull shaped sugar cookies and spider topped cupcakes tempt. Benign pumpkin shaped cake pops look a little friendlier. Watch out the bony hands don’t grab your plate…or your throat!

Halloween Party Decorations

Surely this party WILL grab your attention and rev up the imaginative possibilities of this theme if (there’s that organ music again) you decide to jump into the darkness.

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