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Gone Camping: A Boy’s Camping Birthday Party

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If you want s’more ideas for your boy’s camping birthday party, you’ve got to check out the incredible details of this birthday party by Dana Benz, of Tabletop Treats, photographed by Dana Benz Photography (busy lady!). Planned for her son’s first birthday, the inspiration for the cake, decorations, party favors and rustic details came from his name. Read on to find out how you can plan an amazing custom camping birthday party for your boy…in your own backyard!

boys camping birthday party ideas

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When Dana was thinking of birthday party themes and ways to make her son’s first birthday one to remember, she started with the cake. With her son’s name being Cole, she instantly thought of “Coleman” lanterns and what the brand specializes in. After making Cole’s cake the centerpiece of his party, it was easy to build on “Camp Cole” as his theme. From there, Dana thought of all things camp related: trail mix, s’mores, camp grub and her favorite, the kids’ activities table. She knew she wanted this party to be as much fun for the kids as it was for the adults.  

boys camping birthday party camp sign

boys camping birthday party arrow sign

There is no doubt in my mind that the details of this party resulted in a lot of happy campers! Guests were greeted by a huge wooden “Welcome to Camp Cole” sign; what a great way to pull guests into the party theme! Once inside, wooden directional signs pointed the way to all of the Camp Cole amenities: S’more Love, Trail Mix Treats, Cole Fired Food and Gone Partying.  

boys camping birthday party potato bar

boys camping birthday party food

Guests at Camp Cole definitely didn’t have to party on empty stomachs. A delicious menu, including various salads, wings, beef and a full potato bar with condiments, was served.  

boys camping birthday party canoe drink holder

boys camping birthday party drink holder

Looking for a creative way to serve up drinks at your camping themed party? I love that Dana used an old canoe filled with ice to display beverages for her guests.  

boys camping birthday party tackle box treats

boys camping birthday party tent treats

boys camping birthday party cake display

boys camping birthday party campfire cake

boys camping party cupcakes

boys camping party push pop treats

I’m always impressed when the party theme is reflected in the dessert table. I can’t think of a more fitting centerpiece for a boy’s camping birthday party than a miniature tent pitched in the middle of the table with an unbelievably cute Coleman lantern cake inside of it! Aren’t the details on that cake by Annie’s Creations incredible? The handmade “Camp Cole” sign hanging above the tent is a delightful detail that helps to reinforce the theme. I love the acorns made from cookies and chocolate kisses, plus the edible match sticks. A campfire cake made from Twix candy bars to resemble logs and frosting flames is genius! And because there is never enough dessert, there were layered push-up pops, beautiful fondant topped cupcakes and adorable tent and fire pit crackers. I love how Dana mixed rustic, outdoorsy elements with her tabletop décor; wood rounds and moss covered serving vessels added that nature-made, campground feel.  

boys camping birthday party trail mix bar treats

boys camping birthday party smores bar

In case one dessert table wasn’t enough, Dana set up a s’mores and trail mix station too. Labeled jars and pails were perfect for a camp and housed everything needed to satisfy a sweet tooth. Take home “thank you” bags were available for guests to fill to the brim.  

boys camping birthday party photo display

boys camping birthday party chalkboard sign

Dana thought of many unique ways to celebrate her son, including a special review showcasing Cole’s first year. Sticking to the theme, Dana set up a “Camper of the Year” display, which of course featured pictures of her son, from birth to one year. What a wonderful way to celebrate his milestone birthday!   Setting aside a gift station is always a nice touch. The chalkboard display Dana hung above the display table is a fabulous way to highlight some important facts about the birthday boy.  

boys camping birthday party kids favors

boys camping birthday party binoculars

boys camping birthday party favors

I bet the kids were all smiles as they took a hike on a fun-filled, camping themed, scavenger hunt, complete with binoculars and a checklist. The adorable canteens probably came in handy for thirsty little hunters. Activities included “dig for insects” and “catch a fish” stations.  

boys camping birthday party cookies

boys camping birthday party treats

An amazing favor station was also prepared for little guests. Highlighted by a colorful pennant banner, favor baskets were full of bubbles, magnifying glasses, snacks and books. There were darling fish bowl cookies and marshmallow pops too!  

I am sure there were a lot of happy campers at this birthday party!  

Cupcake Toppers: Fondant Fantasy

Banner and Canteen Labels: Paper Fox Design

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