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Flying High: A Plane Themed Boy’s 1st Birthday Party

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This awesome plane themed boy’s 1st birthday party was designed and handcrafted in almost every detail by Barbara Pabst, of Umbrella Amarela. Planned for her friend’s son, Victor, in honor of his milestone 1st birthday, the invitations, decorations and treats will inspire you to reach for new heights in your own party styling!  Pack your bags and hop aboard for this high-flying birthday adventure photographed by Danilo Tanaka.

Boy's Plane Birthday Party Ideas

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Boy's Plane Birthday Party Invitation Ideas

Plane themed birthday parties are a great opportunity to have some fun with the invitation design.  Barbara created adorable ticket-style, boarding pass invitations, inviting guests to join the celebration via Cohn Airlines (Cohn is the last name of the guest of honor—such a cute detail).  What a fabulous way to set the mood for what was surely an incredible celebration!

Boy's Plane Birthday Party Decor Ideas

Boy's Plane Birthday Party Suitcase Decor Ideas

Fasten your seatbelts because we are ready to explore all of the ingenious DIY decoration details Barbara tackled while styling this party.  Notice the sky inspired backdrop?  Barbara created it by hanging a mix of blue balloons and clustering white balloons to look like clouds.  Balloons add instant festivity to a party space, are inexpensive and can be creatively displayed—like Barbara did—to add a custom look.  Next up, I love the “Victor” banner hanging from the light fixture.  It almost seems to be floating in the sky.  Personalized décor always adds a lot.  Stacks of vintage suitcases helped reinforce the travel theme.

Boy's Plane Birthday Party Dessert Table Ideas

An amazing dessert and party favor table was set up front and center.  Red and white striped runners add a finished look to a display of sweet treats (made by Zuly), colorful potted plants and impressive party favors.

Boy's Plane Birthday Party Cake Ideas

Platters, red and blue platforms and cake stands were laden with so many enticing desserts!  An impressive cake with plane décor and paper cloud bunting stands tall as the centerpiece.

Boy's Plane Birthday Party Dessert Treat Ideas

Popular in Brazil, brigadeiros were served in mini treat cups, topped with cute airplanes and themed printables.  Barbara served these in lieu of cupcakes which are not a traditional birthday dessert in Brazil.

Boy's Plane Birthday Party Granola Bar Ideas

Granola bars are a popular airline treat, but they’ve never looked as colorful as these bars in their custom wrappers, offered from a white pail.

Boy's Plane Birthday Party Candy Box Ideas

Boy's Plane Birthday Party Meringue Tube Ideas

Darling paper suitcases, made by Barbara, also held appealing sweets.  Round plastic candy boxes were dressed up with paper propellers and filled with candy. Tubes of meringues were embellished with mini clouds—such a cute touch.

Boy's Plane Birthday Party Drink Ideas

Boy's Plane Birthday Party Water Bottle Ideas

In-flight beverages included red punch in cloud embellished cups and water. The water bottles were ready for take-off, outfitted in custom wrappers, propellers and wings made from red cardstock.  I love the ingenuity—I think these are the cutest water bottles I’ve ever seen!

Boy's Plane Birthday Party Favour Ideas

Clouds, machine stitched by Barbara, contained confetti… clouds of confetti, filled with joy and good wishes—what an awesome way to celebrate a first birthday! What a delightful take on a plane themed birthday party!

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