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Float Away with this Fantastic Boy’s Balloon Birthday Party

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I love the beauty and simplicity of the ideas in this balloon themed birthday party!

When it was time for her little boy’s fourth birthday party, Ann from Somerset Cakes, asked him what theme he wanted for his birthday party. He wanted a balloon themed birthday celebration and that’s exactly what Ann created!


I love the classic colors and shapes of these cute iced birthday cookies!   The individually wrapped balloon cookies with custom labels are a great way to tie in the colors and theme with a beautiful display.

Guests also noshed on popcorn with red and blue “balloon” sprinkles!   The cupcakes were wrapped in custom printables from Paige Simple Studio, who provided all the custom printables for the party. I think the labels are very cute as well!

The balloons on the ceiling (see at the bottom of the post) are a fantastic way to decorate!   I like that Ann also incorporated stripes in her decorations to balance out the balloons and circles! Mixing pattens in the same color scheme is a great way to create a beautiful atmosphere.

The dessert table is adorable! Ann used old fashioned blue and red candies wrapped in wax paper on simple serving dishes.

The giant lollipops are a great touch as well! The cake and cupcakes are served on matching white dishes.

The birthday boy loves peanut butter, so Ann used a peanut butter filling with her vanilla cake. I love the balloons on the cake! They are so simple but look real and tie everything together so perfectly.

Fun Balloon Birthday Party Ideas:

What colors would your little boy want for his balloon birthday party?

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