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Fire Truck Themed Third Birthday Party

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This Boy’s Firefighter Birthday Party blazes with ingenious details! Jessica, of Modern Moments Designs, created this fireman birthday theme for her son’s third birthday.

Courtney Jade Photography captured decorations and details, such as the invitations and party favors, so you can clearly see how to recreate this wonderful event.

The darling fire hat and fire hose cake and themed cupcakes that star on the dessert table would certainly delight any birthday boy; all ideas related to fire trucks and firemen are here.

Fire Truck Birthday Party Ideas

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Since Jessica’s sister lives next to a fire station, the birthday party actually began with a tour of the facility. The boys got to climb on the fire trucks and see the real deal tools, which I’m sure gave them more fuel for the imagination and the rest of the party.

Jessica designed terrific chalkboard style, hanging backdrops. The table is dressed in a red cloth (of course!) and festooned with an amazing array of detail.

Fireman Birthday Cake Ideas

The double layer cake makes a super focal point. The tiered, rustic pedestals that flank it are topped with Whirly Girl’s FLAMING cotton candy–what a great touch.

Fire Truck Birthday Party Food Ideas

Cupcakes with cute themed fondant toppers. The bottom level holds candy jars. I like how Jessica took the simple jars and fancied them up: the lids were spray-painted red and then she glued on Dalmatian figures and embellished the jars with a party medallion.

Fire Truck Birthday Party Ideas

Faux matchbook covers are another piece of Jessica’s creation. For the treat inside, she dipped pretzels in red and white chocolate to look like matches and held them together with a clear elastic band — clever lady!

Jessica made new labels for the fireman hats and the squirt gun style fire extinguishers.

Fire Hydrant Drinking Cups

Fire hydrant drink bottles were personalized, too. Milk bottles were party ready with their striped straws and themed “stop, drop and roll” and “let’s get fired up” flags. These types of details really make a party more fun.

Fabric favor bags add to the festivities; they look great and they’re a practical way to send candy, cookies and small toy favors home with young guests.

Fireman Birthday Party Favor Ideas

If you’re considering a fireman themed birthday party for your boy, you’re sure to find terrific inspiration in this party!

Want to throw a fireman themed birthday party? Here’s some fire truck themed party supplies:

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