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Fire Truck Third Birthday Party!

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Beautiful colors and patterns in this fireman-themed birthday party make is extra special!

I love a fireman themed birthday party for a three year old boy. I may be a little biased as I threw one for my son Sam on his third birthday though. It’s just such a classic theme as they are so obsessed with anything that has wheels, particularly fire trucks. If this relaxed fireman themed party doesn’t convince you, I dare say nothing will.

Fireman Birthday Party Ideas for Boys

This darling happy birthday banner is from Anna Jayne Prints. I love that they added light blue into the color palette because it would give a lot of interesting options for the styling, beyond the traditional red and white.

The polka dot plates and balloons are fantastic! It’s a really clever touch to inject this pattern into the party as it mimic a Dalmatian fire dog but also adds a nice complement to the stripe in the party printables.

Each child also received a bright red Firefighter Chief Hat.

I get questions about these fire hydrant water plastic drinking cups all the time. I also used them for my son’s fire truck themed birthday party last year. (Just a little tip: I found they smelled a little when I got them, but one run through the top rack of the dishwasher and they were fine.) If you’re having a fire truck themed party I would recommend them as parents loved them as much as the kids. They made a real impact!


Fireman Themed Party Ideas:

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What is your must-have item for a fireman themed party?


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