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Fall Baptism Party Ideas

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Here are some beautiful fall baptism party ideas!

A Baptism Party for a special little one is such a joyous occasion! Already rich with tradition, and made even more so when celebrating the “little pumpkin” with decorations in the fall jewel tones, as conceived by Brittany of GreyGrey Designs. From a gorgeous baptism dessert table to adorable fall-themed favors the party decorations used to create this gathering is a feast for body, soul and spirit!

Fall Baptism Party Ideas

A backdrop of colorful falling leaves draws guests’ attention to the savory taste treats of barbecue sandwiches, and individual portion jars of slaw and baked beans make it easy on guests, but a banner honoring the recently baptized son proclaims him as the focal point of this christening/baptism party!

Rustic elegance is achieved through building up the buffet with the texture of woven baskets (which most of us already have around the house) so food is displayed with the advantage of varying levels for interest.

Baptism Party Supply Ideas

Arrangements of sunflowers, leaves, gourds, Indian corn and of course, pumpkins, give a multi-dimensional look to the decorations. I like that the symbolic metal cross quietly reminds guests of the reason for this solemn, yet joyous, occasion. Glassware containing a variety of colorful fruits and vegetables make for a lush head table that seems to symbolize the idea of hope for a fruitful, bountiful life for the little guy.

A table runner of autumn leaves grounds the arrangement and ties in with the wall decorations, too. In another corner of the room, a garland of grapevine wreaths invites closer inspection of the dessert buffet—at least it would get my attention! Tying into the established theme of celebrating Lachlan, a twine-wrapped initial “L” is nestled amongst more pumpkins and autumn decorations.

Fall Baptism Party Ideas

No cakes or cupcakes this time; a trio of mouth-watering pies on terra cotta pedestals tempts the taste buds! Finally, sending guests home with favor treat bags is a gracious way to say ” thank you” for celebrating the “little pumpkin’s” special day!

Beautiful Baptism Party Gift Ideas:

Hope you’ve gleaned a few ideas of how simple it can be to celebrate life’s special moments in this beautiful season just by using some of what you already have on hand AND adding a dose of color and imagination! Thanks for the inspiration, Brittany!

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