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[Exclusive] Stylish Circus Party

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I get to make one of those fancy blog statements with this post and say that today’s boy party inspiration is an “exclusive” for the Spaceships and Laser Beams Captain’s Blog. It’s a circus-themed party that is super cute and stylish. But given that it was planned by Madeleine of Montreal-based Maddy K Weddings and Events Atelier for her son Georgie’s third birthday, you would expect nothing less. (In mid-February I featured a gorgeous baptism Madeleine did for a client.)

The cake is absolutely adorable. And the pony (PONY!) is every kids’ dream. But what I absolutely love about this party is the menu. Catered by Nicolina Servello Food, it’s simple, stylish and complete soul food – all at the same time. We’re taking mini burgers, fries, mac n cheese and soup shooters. It’s no wonder guests called the party unforgettable!

Check out Christina Esteban photos of this great party.




Stephanie Keeping

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