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Duck Dynasty Party Idea: Duck Hunt Breakfast Birthday

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A boy’s birthday party celebrated with ducks in a duck blind? {Perfect party for a Duck Dynasty fan} Yup! It’s absolutely darling and VERY boyish, too. Lauren, of Lauren Haddox Designs, had a great idea when she created a unique theme for her son’s 4th birthday: Breakfast Before the Duck Hunt Party. Lauren says the party supplies were easy to come up with; breakfast was simple, too. The ingenious duck blind decorations are terrific and a special birthday cake and party themed cupcakes look marvelous. The custom printables from Lauren’s Etsy shop are the perfect touch. How did she do it? Read on!

Duck Dynasty Themed Party Ideas

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I love the duck blind that Lauren created: the display is well balanced; there’s lots of texture; lots to look at. With faux cat tails, tall grass, fern, and pine cones juxtaposed against the ($8!) tree camouflage backdrop, guests are transported to a hidden waterway.

Duck Dynasty Birthday Party Ideas

Wood crates and wooden slabs are effectively used to present the breakfast. A round biscuit basket and square berry baskets holding donuts add more texture. Dashes of sunny orange in the metal buckets, cupcake wraps, napkins and the orange fruit further enliven the table. Handsome duck decoys add a lot, too. Who knew that stripes, polka dots and faux bois paper pennants could front the table with good cheer and still look appropriate for the theme?!

Duck Dynasty Birthday Party Cake

The star of the table, the birthday cake, sports a duck and cat tails. The cake, by Sweet Designs, even displays camouflage when it’s cut!

Duck Dynasty Birthday Cake

Lauren says using a breakfast menu is an economical and easy way to host a birthday.

Duck Dynasty Party Food Ideas

She picked up donuts, frozen waffles and biscuits, strawberries and orange juice the morning of the party. Lauren also included a “duck feed” cereal bar with rice (krispies), oats (oatmeal squares), and grain (granola).

Duck Dynasty Party - Breakfast Food Ideas

“Mallard” milk was for topping the cereal; “swamp water” was available, too. Of course this party had to include a game of Duck, Duck, Goose!

Duck Dynasty Party for Kids

Another fun activity was the craft table that was set up so the boys could color duck stamps to put on their own hunting license. A kiddie pool was disguised as the official duck pond and the guys got to shoot ‘til they had bagged their limits! Favor bags were thoughtfully readied so the little hunters could take home extra treats, too.

Duck Dynasty DIY party decorations

Kudos to Lauren for a unique party full of delightful details! Make sure to follow Lauren Haddox Designs via Facebook as well!  

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