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Dinosaur Hunter Birthday Party

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Boys LOVE dinosaur themed birthday parties! Want to learn how to host one? I’ve put together a dessert table that would be easy and quick to duplicate. It plays up the lighter tones in our dinosaur collection (FYI – the value package is available now in our Etsy shop for $25). I’ve featured our dino collection before using darker and more saturated colors. The versatility of our colorway is one of the reasons I especially like our set. The dino expressions won me over, too!

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The background focal point is our decorative paper and a faux bois frame I made using the decorative paper from our camping collection. I had both pieces enlarged at VistaPrint using their large poster size (4’ x 3’). Painter’s tape secured the poster to the wall with no damage. I love how the yellow brightens everything. The same pattern is used on the table, under the candy and cake pops and around the cupcake display. Repetition of a pattern brings unity to an arrangement.

Aren’t the cupcake wraps fun?! Andrew did such an amazing job with the original illustrations in this collection. The colors are terrific and the wide-eye dino expressions aren’t terrifying. I made the cupcakes more important by elevating them in the center of the table, on a metal box. I wrapped the box edge with the collection napkin rings; a tent card proclaims the dino cupcakes are “live specimens”. Adding festivity, dual mini-pennant “dinosaur teeth” banners wave from stripped paper straw posts.

Two inch decals dress up clear glasses full of “fossilized eggs”, as the tent card says. I think the colors work perfectly.

The opposite side of the table holds a collection of “paleontologist tools”, AKA cake pops and lollipops. The talented Samantha, from Evie and Mallow created those masterpieces. See more about that here.

Cake pops for dinosaur birthday party

Food labels dress up simple, black bags that hold white chocolate pretzel bones. You can read about that in this post.

Colored white chocolate dinosaur skeletons are easy to make with candy molds. I think their unexpected colors add to the light-hearted appeal of this dinosaur table. They’re displayed on metal boxes (which I also used at Sam’s Cops and Robbers party) that I imagined a paleontologist might use. Food tents identify the species.

A few dinosaurs roam the table. Some are pure decoration but the models that hold our “saur-y to see you go” favor tags serve the dual purpose of being party take-home favors, too.

The table is fronted with our very popular “Happy Birthday” dinosaur skeleton banner. He looks terrific wherever he stretches out.

The foundation for the table is a runner of wrapping paper. I often use wrapping paper because there are so many colors and patterns to choose from, it’s economical, and it’s easy to clean up. This chevron carries several of the colors of the printables and the very light faux bois print in the paper tied back into the frame and also captured the rugged dinosaur hunter motif I was aiming for.

There you have it: a pattern you can follow to easily put together a dinosaur themed party. Remember that you can often use pieces of a printable collection in more ways than one to create custom, cohesive decorations that you and the birthday boy will like. I bet he’ll RAWR!

There are a number of additional pieces to this Dinosaur Collection. You can see them here.

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