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Dinosaur Party

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A Dinosaur Hunter party is the perfect spin on your typical Dinosaur Party theme for younger boys. Gretchen over at Two Little Monkey’s Studio celebrated her 3 year old son’s birthday with fossil inspired food and activities. Coming up with a unique birthday party theme can be as easy as picking that one thing your kid is really and truly interested in. 

Supplies that would work perfectly with this party include:

  • Cool dinosaur fossil skeletons [Click here Amazon Affiliate Link”] 
  • Dinosaur fossil ice cube tray to make chocolates [Click here Amazon Affilate Link”]

When hosting a kid’s birthday party in your home, you focus on a few key focal points. You can start by making a cute – and inexpensive – cupcake liner wreath for your front door just as Gretchen did.

By using a variety of stamps and printables, you can make plain/solid colored party supplies – like napkins, cups, plates and tablecloths – fit into the desired theme, like a Dinosaur Hunter Party. One of Gretchen’s tips is to use an alphabet stamp set to make just about any phrase you want, like “RWAR” on the handles of the utensils or Happy Birthday on paper flags to make a banner.

Of course the party activities are going to be the highlight of a Dinosaur Hunter Party. An easy – and again inexpensive – idea is to make your own coloring sheet/activities pages. You can make a variety of pages so that older and younger kids can do something at their own level.

You can even take the opportunity to teach all the guests a thing or two while they are playing. But the main event was the Dinosaur Dig – which was a large wash tub filled with sand and plastic fossils/dinosaurs for the kids to find using their digging tools.

The Dessert Buffet was stacked high with Dino goodies like: Dino Dig Chocolate Cake, Cretaceous Cake Pops, Fossilized Dinosaur Eggs, Rock Cupcakes, Fossilized Shark Teeth (apples slices with caramel dip), Fossil Cookies and Fossilized Oreos. And it was all washed down with Dark Chocolate Almond Milk served in cute recycled Starbuck’s Frappuccino bottles.

Lastly, the favors should serve as a Thank You to your guests and should be fun too! By letting the kids select the item they take home – like Gretchen did with her “Dinosaur Adoption Center” – they will be sure to leave with big smiles. Of course, you have to throw in a few candies and treats all in a cute little bag to make it complete.

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Party Styling and Printables | Three Little Monkeys Studio
Plastic dinosaurs and fossil toys, magnifying glasses, real fossils, fossil ice cube tray |

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