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Dinosaur Birthday Party Dessert Table

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Using Dinosaurs to Celebrate a Boy’s Second Birthday Party!

This party was a staged shoot that combines two major little kid loves: dinosaurs and desserts! {Plus, Take a peek at some of our other dinosaur themed birthday party ideas for your little boy!} It features very own Prehistoric Party Dinosaur Collection, which was designed by Andrew.

To start our dinosaur themed birthday party, guests are greeted by a gorgeous, custom banner with the birthday boy’s name. This is the most popular item in our dinosaur collection and we sell it as a “Happy Birthday” banner instant download!

We chose a bright, patterned table cloth for the table with shades or red, yellow, and orange — it has a 1950s-style pattern that added to a bit of a Flinstones vibe. We also used a bit of greenery using paper behind the treats to help break up some of the bright colors.

Each treat was displayed with a dinosaur food label from our Etsy shop (either the flat or tent versions) so guests know exactly what they’re about to enjoy! The vanilla cupcake wrappers were topped with a little dino face as well! The water bottles and straws also enjoy their own custom labels. We used natural, wooden trays to display the food.

Besides the dino cupcakes, guests also enjoyed chocolate and candied dinosaur eggs, brownies, and my favorite: dinosaur bone bread!

{Check out more great dinosaur themed birthday cakes!} The bread was a great treat to help balance out the sweet of the other items.

The birthday cake was a beautiful, bright blue. We used a 4-inch circle o then top to announce the birthday boy’s age. We also added a dinosaur toy (from the dollar store!) and little candy eggs around the base.

For favors, we added cute little plastic dinosaur toys for the kids to take home. Dinosaur toys are always popular, plus you can find them in a range of shapes and colors so everyone gets something unique! These were less than a quarter a piece, which is great if you’re on a budget.

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