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Dinosaur 2nd Birthday Party on a Budget

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This boy’s 2nd birthday party is perfect for a dinosaur themed birthday party

This budget-friendly dinosaur birthday party by Erin at Strawberry Mommycakes includes easy DIY paper decor projects that will allow you to flex your creative side and get into the dino mood.

The color scheme is also perfect for any boy-girl parties as well — everyone loves dinosaurs. Or change up the colors to fit your dino loving boy’s favorite colors.

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A great way to carry on the theme beyond table and wall decor is continuing the decor elements into the food presentation and that’s exactly what Erin did.

The delicious dessert table backdrop was decorated with fun color and cut out paper elements. The wall had a homemade banner reading “Max is 2” with cut out dinosaur tracks underneath. I just love a good hanging banner. I also love the dinosaur track element — makes for a fun and creative way to stay on theme.

The simplicity of the unique backdrop is economically friendly and doesn’t feel overdone. Plus the mixture of patterns, dots and chevron, make for adorable and picture-perfect decor piece.

You can never go wrong when you go back to basics — simple colors and patterns.


More dessert table decor includes cutouts of different types of dinosaurs with the same bright color scheme as the banner and dinosaur tracks.

For a great multi-use decor piece, Erin had both party hats and adorable dinosaur masks for the kiddos. These made for a fun wearable decoration element.

All the kids got to wear dinosaur masks and pretend to be real dinosaurs! Such a fun and unique element.

The party hats carried on the fun patterns that were also used for the other decor pieces.

The delicious desserts on the table continued the fun paper patterned decor! The cupcakes had paper toppers decorate with a rotation of dinosaurs, the letter “M” for Max and “2” for his 2nd birthday. So simple but a precious way to continue the decor elements!

The cupcakes were baked in paper dinosaur printed wrappers — such a brilliant and affordable option for decor.

Dino-mite desserts included chocolate cupcakes, rice krispie treats, brownies — perfect party foods for a chocolate loving dinosaur.

Every food item, even the water bottles, were decorated with dinosaur themed boxes or paper. Erin left no stone unturned on that dessert table. Love it!

All of these paper elements make for an easy-on-the-wallet and adorable dinosaur birthday party! No need to spend the big bucks to make a great theme impact, just like Erin did with her decor and desserts.

One of my favorites party elements is the wearable dinosaur masks, definitely makes this precious dino party was one to remember.


I think the smile on the birthday boy’s face says it all. What a delicious and dino-mite birthday party fit for all dino-lovers!

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