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Dig In: 9 Construction Themed Birthday Party Ideas

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Let’s talk construction birthday party ideas.

Carli at Dimple Prints recently shared some of her favorite construction themed birthday parties with me. They were sent to her by her own customers.  From dessert tables to decorations to favors and more, I am amazed by all of the talent out there from regular party loving moms.

Construction birthday party ideas for boys

There were some fantastic construction party ideas and I wanted to show you what I loved best from each party:

Construction Birthday Party Decorations for Outside

1. Talk about a great welcome to the party! I love this bright orange sign. It set the tone for the party. Guests will know that they’re about to walk into a construction fun zone!

Construction Birthday Party Dessert Table

2.  I also like the matching “dig in” sign by the food area. Such a great commitment to the theme.

Construction Party Game Activity

3. This build your own house activity is genius! Not only is it a perfect fit for the theme, what a great way for the kid guests to use some creativity. 🙂

Construction Party Food

4. The “spare tires” {chocolate donuts} and tractor are a great way to use the theme on the food table!

Construction birthday party ideas

Construction birthday party decorations and ideas

5. The way these moms have laid out the food around the kitchen is adorable, using yellow duct tape for the road way is a great touch!

Construction Themed Birthday Party

6. The drink station with the themed water bottles is also neat!

Construction birthday party food ideas

7. This party is another great example of a great food lay out! I like that the food is served in trucks, along a road way and that everything keeps with the color theme!

Construction Party Hard Hats

8. One of the best features of this party is the custom hard hats! That’s a great touch!

construction party cupcakes

9. Aren’t these cupcakes just the cutest?

Want more construction parties? Take a peek at these great ideas!

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What is your favorite construction themed birthday party idea?

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