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Cool Robot Themed Birthday Party

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I adore a good robot party for a boy’s birthday

There are so many cute ways you can create a great robot party. Just take a peek at these 30 robot parties you’ll love for some great ideas! Now, enjoy this cool party for 100 guests!

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This party from Jane of Short and Sweets is absolutely incredible! She made this party to celebrate her son and nephew. Not only is her attention to detail amazing, she created this entire party herself!

Let’s start at the dessert table!   How incredible is the cake?! I love that it’s a large cake, instead of just a small figurine.

The robot head cake pops are fantastic! I love their unique faces as well.

I think the little signs labeling the food are great. Also, notice the food is served on trays cut out to look like sprockets. So clever!

The favor boxes look like mini robot heads as well complete with antennas.

Jane added great details to the drink station as well, including robot juice boxes and pop bottles covered in custom paper.

A pasta buffet bar made it easy for guests to create their own dishes. Simply pick your pasta, then add your sauce and toppings.

I love this idea — especially with so many guests, it’s an easy way to make the meal portion of the party a little simpler.

Guests were able to make their own robots out of simple craft supplies.

I love the robot characters made from paint and cardboard boxes. What a great idea to make the party theme come to life.

Plan your robot birthday with these robot party supplies:

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