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Boy’s Construction Themed Birthday Party

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Boy’s birthday parties are noisy affairs and the potential is even greater when it’s a construction themed birthday for a four year old (ask me how I know)! Hollie is one of our faithful followers from California and she submitted some cute ideas and pictures of her son’s recent celebration. The cake, decorations and favors really came together in this darling construction themed birthday party and I wanted to share them with you!

Construction Birthday Party Ideas for Boys

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A local children’s store was the party location—think how much easier clean-up could be!—and there was plenty of room to use up extra kidlet energy. Small-fry sized hard hats were personalized and construction vests helped jump-start the kids’ imaginations.

Construction Birthday Party Ideas for Boys

The table included lots of fun ideas. Bright yellow and orange established a sunny mood in the balloons and table service. Even though each child had their own water break bottle, what I really thought was charming was the construction cone drinking vessels! Eating utensils were in toolbox grey.

Construction Birthday Party Supplies

How about that cake?! The crew chief looks pretty satisfied, sitting on top of that brick building. I love that in addition to the expected “Happy Birthday” message, it also contained a nice sentiment: “under construction”.

Love this construction party? Get the look!

Construction Birthday Party Cake

And yes, let them eat cake, but don’t forget the cookies! Some tool shaped cookies are earmarked for take-home favors, but there are more than enough to eat at party time, too. The detail on these cookies is wonderful. Take-home, personalized tool boxes are a terrific way to say “thanks” and make for building happy memories—a great way to end a fun birthday party celebration.

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What is your favorite part of this construction themed party?

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