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A Boy’s Construction Truck 3rd Birthday Party

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Grab your hard hats and get ready for fun with this boy’s construction truck 3rd birthday party by Victoria of Vixen Made.  Thrown to celebrate the big 3rd birthday of her twin sons, the party was filled with perfect rough and tumble element ideas to fit the theme!  Chocolate donut tires, dirt cups and an amazing cake are just a few of the desserts we know you’ll dig!


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Hard hats hanging on a wood strip display is a sure sign of awesomeness to come at this construction truck birthday party.  I can just imagine the excitement as little guests suited up for safety!

construction-birthday-party-dessert-table-boy-party-decoration ideas

Even more impressive is the dessert table setup.  Using diamond cut steel sheeting for the backdrop was pure party planning genius.  I love the industrial feel it gives to the space.  Just as creative was the use of tires as table legs.  Did you notice the table garland?  Green twine paired with strips of orange fabric look an awful lot like lumber flags.  Cute theme appropriate touches include the cement mixer and dump truck accent pieces as well as the orange construction cones.
construction-birthday-party-dessert-table-boy-party-food ideas

construction-birthday-party-dessert-table-boy-party-food snack ideas

construction-birthday-party-dessert-table-boy-party-food candy ideas

If the dessert table setup and décor didn’t already spark some construction party planning inspiration, the clever desserts surely will!  Ice cream cone pylons?  What a fun twist on an ordinary cone!  It’s amazing what dipping cones in orange chocolate will do.  Also noteworthy are the chocolate donut tires and gravel candy served in green chevron baking cups.


construction-birthday-party-dessert-table-boy-party food cookie ideas

construction-birthday-party-dessert-table-boy-party-food-cake pop-ideas


construction-birthday-party-themed-dessert-table-boy-party food pretzel ideas

Custom desserts are always an eye-catching addition to a dessert table.  I love the multi-tiered cake and the detail work on the fondant construction trucks.  Candy and Cake did one fabulous job! The repetition of the chevron pattern really helps to tie the cake to the printable décor elements, particularly the tent style food cards.
Matching fondant topped sugar cookies are equally as cute.
Darling chocolate orange truck pops looked amazing, parked all in a row.
And how about those tire sugar cookies?
If those offerings weren’t enough, you could choose from chocolate covered pretzel rods or even pistachio pudding dirt cups. Orange drinks with preppy party straws were also neatly displayed on the refreshment table. I bet nobody left this party hungry!
construction-birthday-party-dessert-table-boy-themed party game ideas

construction-birthday-party-dessert-table-boy-party-game ideas

As for entertainment, you’ve got to see the fun highway made out of tape.  I know the kids loved that!  And how about that wrecking ball made by Victoria’s husband?  After stacking up the box wall, the kids got to knock it down over and over and over again!

construction-birthday-party-dessert-table-boy-party favor ideas

construction-birthday-party-dessert-themed table-boy-party-favor ideas

After a fun-filled celebration, party guests received lunch box party favor boxes to enjoy.  Embellished with a custom “thank you” tag, each box was filled with a water bottle, truck stickers, crayons and a toy.

What a perfect celebration for two special little guys! Great job, Victoria!

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What element from this boy’s construction truck 3rd birthday party most inspired you?

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