A Boy’s Construction Themed Birthday Party

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Boys who want to build (and also like to wreck!) would love a construction themed birthday party like this classic yellow and black masterpiece, styled and photographed by Emmanuelle of Partyummy. A fabulous backhoe cake, barricade tape décor and adorable party ware are just a few of the creative details upon which this solid party was built.

Construction Birthday Party Ideas for Boys

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Boy's Construction Birthday Party Dessert Table

A well-built dessert table pleases the eye and the palate.  Partyummy achieved both with this spread. I love that Emmanuelle used the classic combo of black and yellow, infused with creative pops of color, through her dessert table offerings.  Using wall paper to create her backdrop was a genius idea.  The happy birthday banner really popped against the black background.  Don’t you love how the banner mimics road sign designs?

Boy's Construction Birthday Party Cake

Construction Birthday Party Cake

Does a construction themed party cake get much cooler than this vanilla backhoe cake?  The custom details with the birthday boy’s name added is inspired. Imagine the surprise for the birthday boy and his guests when the cake was cut and they saw the black and yellow striped design repeated inside — so fun!

Boy's Construction Birthday Party Drink Ideas

Using a glass beverage jar embellished with yellow and black tape was a great option for serving color coordinating orange juice.  Paper straws and striped washi tape detailing were the perfect accents on the cute beverage bottles.

Boy's Construction Birthday Party Cake Pops

Construction Birthday Party for Boys Cookie Ideas

Boy's Construction Birthday Party Dessert Ideas

There were several other creative choices on the dessert table, too.  Cake pop construction pylons in their characteristic orange color looked amazing in the custom displays (Emmanuelle explains how to make them on her blog if you’d like to check the instructions). Chocolate “rolling stones” were cleverly offered in the toy loader. Puffins (taste like pancakes, but in the form of a muffin) and cupcakes were great dessert table additions.

Boy's Construction Birthda Party Muffins

Boy's Construction Birthday Party Cupcakes

I love the custom #2 cupcake wrappers!  The combination of yellow inner liners and black die cut wrappers made a striking combo.

Boy's Construction Birthday Party Food Label Printables

Construction themed food labels added nice details to the tabletop.

Boy's Construction Birthday Party Dress Up

Guests were outfitted in proper gear: hard hats and darling custom shirts and buttons from boboretro. Dressing the part at a celebration ramps up the excitement for little guys.

Emmanuelle built an awesome platform to celebrate her Ruben. A marvelous cake, striking decorations and a fun party are all ways a special mom says “love you” to her birthday boy!

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Boy's Construction Birthday Party Ideas

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