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Boy’s Winter Themed 7th Birthday Party

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Where I live, we’ve had an amazing amount of snow and an unusual number of cold days this winter; I would gladly box up huge piles of the white stuff and ship it off somewhere…anywhere…if that was possible. Somewhere in a cocoon of warm and green there was a mom and a little boy that would trade a warm afternoon for the white stuff and that piqued my interest. Epic wanted to play in the snow for his birthday and his mom had an idea to make it happen with a hot cocoa bar theme, snowflake party decorations and real snowballs!

boy's winter themed birthday party

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decorations winter themed boy's birthday party

Belinda Morgan, of Binky La Faye, helped mom (Jesika) with the party styling. A vintage light fixture over the main table provided a convenient spot from which to suspend a flurry of snowflakes. A collection of cool blue and frosty white balloons was contained at ceiling level and icicle lights added to the snow illusion.  

winter birthday party cake ideas

Psychedelic Sweets created an amusing birthday cake for the occasion; it looked like a giant mug of hot chocolate—with marshmallows!

winter birthday party activity ideas

A farmhouse table was the best spot for a group of kids to create miniature gingerbread houses. Jesika premade the basic graham cracker houses so the kids could focus on the embellishments. Muffin tins were filled with candy choices; jars of royal frosting were at the ready. After the artists tasted and created their way through the decorating supplies, it was time for the requested balloon drop: it was snowing!

snowflake cookies winter boy's birthday party

A hot cocoa bar on the porch offered peppermint, cinnamon and marshmallows. Snowflake cookies were arranged in sugar snow drifts.

The party moved on outside so the kids could take turns whacking a snowman piñata, and then came the grand finale: real snowballs! Jessika had rented a snow cone machine and premade snowballs. At just the right moment she brought out the snowballs that were kept frozen in buckets of ice. Lively action followed!

Epic had a snowstorm for his birthday.  His mom created terrific memories for him. I got a present, too: Jessika’s love and determination to please her son gave me warm fuzzies.

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