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Boy’s Robot Themed 6th Birthday Party

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Isn’t a robot party the perfect theme for a six year old boy’s birthday?

This adorable robot birthday party was submitted by Nancy from A to Zebra Celebrations.

From the dessert table to the birthday cake to the party favors, there are lots of cute touches in this party. One of the standouts is the  color scheme.The classic, robot gray looks great with the pops of orange and blue.

Robot Birthday Party Ideas for Boys

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I’ve long admired Nancy’s work, so I am thrilled to have her on the blog for the first time (How can that be?!).

One of the cutest elements of this party is the sign welcoming all the birthday boy’s little robot friends with its “processing excitement” message.

Robot Birthday Party Supplies

Doesn’t the table look great?  The food is served in simple dishes: clear glass and even some gray metal buckets.

Robot Birthday Cake

I love the robot face on the top of the cake! This would be so easy to recreate with fondant and some simple shapes.

I could even see it on a round cake if you wanted to go with that option (or didn’t have a square pan handy).

Robot Birthday Cake for Boy

Robot Cake Pops

The robot head cake pops are also great. They are almost too cute to eat! ALMOST. I am constantly amazed at how people can create shapes. I cannot even do simple round ones without cursing up a storm. 😉

The pops of bright color and pattern work really well, as do the ribbons that were used as cute accents.

Overall they help soften the hard edge of the high tech look that comes inherently with a robot party.

Robot Birthday Party Decorations

I often use this strategy myself, particularly with parties for younger children, to ensure that the overall effect is still soft and youthful.

Robot Birthday Party Favors

Guests left with metal pails that carried their robot-themed favors. They were adorned with a tag that carried the theme of the party through to the very end.

Robot Birthday Party Favor Idea

Looking for robot party supplies? Here are some of our favorites gathered by the crew at Spaceships and Laser Beams.

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