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Boy’s First Birthday Circus Party

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On such a special day as your baby boy’s first birthday party, wouldn’t you hope for a day full of sunshine and music? Tania had that and more as family and friends gathered to celebrate at a traditional American circus on a beautiful veranda; in the middle of Greece! Tania created a number of vintage style party elements when she couldn’t find the ready-made versions that were in her imagination. Her ideas and supplies came together beautifully to build decorations that perfectly carried the circus theme for a wonderful day of celebration. George Nanos of GN Photography captured party details.

boy's first birthday circus party ideas

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boy's first circus birthday party ideas

Red, white and blue were used to create a lot of happy circus hurrah in stripes and polka dots. Dashes of yellow added more energy to the entire food table display. I especially like the ribbon “tent” that Tania made.  She did a nice job of displaying the bountiful menu items with varying levels and balance plus fun circus buckets and cups, but the tent really pulled things together.

boy's first circus birthday party sign

boy's first circus birthday party diy sign

boy's first circus birthday party diy wreath

Right next to the big top was an authentic looking hot dog stand that Tania built, with nearby signs pointing the way to the goods. Tania’s artistry was also apparent in the chalkboard art and a welcome wreath that decorated the veranda.

boy's first circus birthday party table

boy's first circus birthday party peanuts

boy's first circus birthday party items

Whitewashed wooden crates added to the carnival atmosphere while corralling cups and silverware and holding a beverage dispenser full of lemonade. See the big circus bucket? It held peanuts to scoop into themed bags plus there were cups of popcorn for munching on, too. Colorful noise makers were at the ready and a giant gumball machine added to the festivities.

boy's first birthday circus party cupcakes

boy's first circus birthday party food ideas

boy's first circus birthday party

boy's first circus birthday party cake

Guests wouldn’t go home hungry after attending this circus! In addition to the hot dogs and chips, there were mini burgers, chicken tortillas, and candies, too.  Cupcakes and a birthday cake, both by My Cooking by Penelope, looked snappy in stars and stripes. A cute birthday banner and mini circus balls added to the cake fun.

A milestone celebration was commemorated with merriment and joy. Balloons, balls, music and a clown contributed to the circus atmosphere and birthday celebration, but a mother’s love made it all come together!

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